modern family

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require the programming of Modern Family season 3 dvd was turned upside down at the beginning of the season. This is two episodes after we discovered two weeks after the resumption of the series.

Episode 2, entitled Schooled thus rotates as the name suggests the theme of the school. We find Gloria and Jay taking a course to prepare for the birth of the baby, and Haley returned to the University and must leave mom and dad to settle on a campus far from home. But there also follows Lily took her first steps in kindergarten ...
In summary we find mainly two ingredients that work best in the series: the great big Phil and Cam. Phil on one side does not want to let his daughter, and all his memories spring contained in a university or rather philosophical book "Phil'sosophy." A moment of laughter with him that will embarrass Haley through arriving on campus with his new Tshirt "Haley and co" worthy of the worst photo montages.

Even if we laugh at least in this Snip the traditional ending sequence of episode is particularly excellent in it, complete with pictures related stories developed in these 20 minutes. This is not a memorable episode but it's always a good time.

In summary, an evening with two episodes of Modern Family dvd for sale may not be a good evening where you will laugh without force! A season that finds its usual pace, which is not surprising but does not disappoint at the same time

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