Weeds season 61


Weeds Season 8 dvd has been broadcast in the United States but Canal + has a lot of delay and broadcasts the final season 6 tonight. And since it will have to wait a while before seeing the result of Weeds on the encrypted string, you can find the trailer for this season unprecedented in France above. And the authors had decided to strike a blow with season 7, Since Weeds resumed three years after the end of season 6. Nancy fell for murder and spent all his time in prison. But someone releases and all the small band will return to the United States ...

Source: For those who do not follow the series (but why are you here?), Tells the story of Weeds Nancy Botwin, a single mother who sells marijuana since the sudden death of her husband. Her way to support her family ... Appointment in a few months for the dissemination of the season 7 of Weeds on Canal +.


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